Working Paper

  • Innovation Networks and Business-Stealing.
    With Philippe Aghion, Matthew O. Jackson & Abhijit Tagade

    CEPR Discussion Paper DP17911, 2022


    @article{aghion2023innovation, title={Innovation Networks and Business-Stealing}, author={Aghion, Philippe and Jackson, Matthew O and Mayerowitz, Antoine and Tagade, Abhijit}, journal={CEPR Press Discussion Paper No. 17911.}, year={2023} }

Book Chapter

  • Recent Econometric Techniques for Macroeconomic and Financial Data, 2021


    @article{brand2021state, title={A State-Space Model to Estimate Potential Growth in the Industrialized Countries}, author={Brand, Thomas and Dufr{\'e}not, Gilles and Mayerowitz, Antoine}, journal={Recent Econometric Techniques for Macroeconomic and Financial Data}, pages={61--77}, year={2021}, publisher={Springer} }

Work in Progress

  • Responsible Demand, Irresponsible Lobbying?
    With Olimpia Cutinelli-Rendina and Sonja Dobkowitz


  • Chinese Patenting and U.S. Firms Technology Specialization.